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Javascript Development Environment

On a Mac, I use PHPStorm or Sublime Text to edit my code.


The tools below form the development environment presented at Optimizely. The meetup group who organised it is AmsterdamJS and the presenter is Serge


  1. Git: version control
  2. npm: dependency for Grunt and bower
  3. Grunt: automation
  4. nodejs: dependency for bower
  5. bower: web package manager

Useful link: benchmarking browsers for Javascript performance


Node.js package manager, required by Grunt and bower.

Install npm

curl | sh


What is Grunt for?

Grunt automates boring and repetitive but necessary tasks such as:

  • running and reporting on unit tests,
  • jslinting the code,
  • gathering source code files into a single file and finally,
  • minifying (uglifying, lol!) the code.

Install Grunt

Getting started with Grunt

Warning: make sure npm is already setup ("which npm" command will tell you).

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli


Install node.js

Setup nodejs (and npm) on Max OS X


Package management