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Create a new app

mkdir /path/to/www/myapp
sencha -sdk /path/to/sencha-touch-2-sdk generate app MyApp /path/to/www/myapp

For example, on my iMac, for Sencha Touch:

mkdir ~/Sites/ControllersTutorial1
sencha -sdk ~/Sites/touch-2.2.1/ generate app ControllersTutorial1 ~/Sites/ControllersTutorial1

or for Ext JS

sencha -sdk ~/Sites/ext- generate app ControllersTutorial1 ~/Sites/ControllersTutorial1

Add to git repository

Note: to push this git repository to Github, create it on Github first then follow these steps:

cd ~/Sites/ControllersTutorial1/

In, write a short description of the repository code purpose.

git init
git add *
git add .sencha/
touch .gitignore
vi .gitignore

In .gitignore, place the following rules:

# Intellij project files

Then go back to Terminal main command prompt:

git commit -m "ADDED new app files generated by Sencha Cmd."
git remote add origin
git push origin master

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