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Create a new project

  • Create an iOS app.
  • Select the root node of the project in Xcode
  • File > New > Target
  • Select Apple Watch then WatchKit App

Write in XCode console

 print "hello world"

Provisioning profile for XCode is encrypted

If all you see when opening your provisioning profile is binary code rather than readable xml, it means your file is encrypted, which is the default when downloading it from Apple developer portal. To solve this, run:

 security cms -D -i /path/to/profile.mobileprovision > /path/to/profile..mobileprovision.xml

bad input format specified for Certificate

When trying to convert the .cer into a .pem, if you get the error "bad input format specified for Certificate" and "unable to load certificate" then try:

openssl x509 -in PushCertificate.cer -inform der -outform pem -out PushCertificate.pem


On the iOS Apple Watch app, uninstall and install the WatchKit app with the toggle.

Misc. notes

CTRL drag and drop needs the screen to be linked to the class the UX elements are being linked to (IBAction and IBOutput)