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View the source of compiled code from the .Net framework

It is possible to attempt to view the source code from Microsoft. Press control and left click an object to get ReSharper to attempt to locate the source from Microsoft and display it in Visual Studio.

If this behaviour isn't set in VisualStudio, go to:

ReSharper -> Options -> Tools -> External Sources

Select "Navigation to Sources" instead of "Default Visual Studio navigation" or "Navigation to Object Browser".

Store _Resharper folders and files outside the solution

The default Resharper setting is to store a potentially large number of files and folders (cache) in the solution directory. Since this directory is often under version control, it's best to change the Resharper default setting:

ReSharper -> Options -> Environment -> General -> Caches

Select the "System TEMP folder" instead of "Solution folder".


Useful links:

[1] [2]

Note: to open File -> Source Control -> Workspaces, make sure the focus is on the Start Page, otherwise that option won't appear.

Visual Studio 2010 shortcuts

  • [SHIFT] [F5] Stop the current project running in debug mode.
  • [F9] Toggle a break point on current line of code.
  • [CTRL] [M] [M] Expand or collapse the region where the cursor is.
  • [CTRL] [M] [L] Expand all regions in the current file.
  • [CTRL] [M] [O] Collapse all regions in the current file.

Visual Studio 2010 settings

Tack the current file in the Solution Explorer

When opening a file in Visual Studio, to make sure its filename is tracked in the Solution Explorer:

Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions

Check the box "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer"

How to change the Default "New Project" Location

Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General

Change the "Project location" location.

Where to find the custom error handling in web.config


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XML settings to insert or update:

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