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How to run and debug Python on Visual Studio Code

Youtube demo

There is a nice demo of this on youtube by Eric Kwok :

Sample project - testVisualStudioCodePython

setup tasks.json under .vscode folder

However it is pretty simple, under .vscode you need to create a tasks.json file

~/projects/testVisualStudioCodePython/.vscode $ cat tasks.json
// Available variables which can be used inside of strings.
// ${workspaceRoot}: the root folder of the team
// ${file}: the current opened file
// ${fileBasename}: the current opened file's basename
// ${fileDirname}: the current opened file's dirname
// ${fileExtname}: the current opened file's extension
// ${cwd}: the current working directory of the spawned process

// A task runner that calls a custom npm script that compiles the extension.
	"version": "0.1.0",

	// we want to run npm
	"command": "python",

	// the command is a shell script
	"isShellCommand": true,

	// show the output window only if unrecognized errors occur.
	"showOutput": "always",

	// we run the custom script "compile" as defined in package.json
	"args": ["${file}"],

	// The tsc compiler is started in watching mode
	//"isWatching": true,

	// use the standard tsc in watch mode problem matcher to find compile problems in the output.
	//"problemMatcher": "$tsc-watch"

Exec your python file via CMD+SHIFT+B

Next to run, goto you python file in the VSC IDE e.g. :

~/projects/testVisualStudioCodePython/ $ cat
for i in range(10):
	print str(i) + ' hello world'

and press CMD+SHIFT+B

Install Python linting

Cmd Shift P
ext install   <enter>

Type python after ext install then select the extension you want to install i.e. Python which is by far the most popular extension

and from the command line / bash:

 sudo python -m pip install astroid

Outstanding questions

To be honest at this stage, I will be almost as productive in Sublilme Text.

Two areas where the VSC IDE doesn't appear to help yet is:

  • No IntelliSense
  • No Breakpoints

Although according to

+ IntelliSense, linting, outline : C++, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Less, PHP, Python, Sass